Abraham’s Kitchen.

How to cook from our kitchen recipes.

Abraham’s Kitchen brings the community together for a free and delicious lunch, offering a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy a meal during the school holidays.  Well, that was before the lockdown restrictions.

Now, Abraham’s Kitchen has been transformed into our ‘Cook at Home’ edition.

How it works?

Each family will receive an ingredients box brimming with healthy produce delivered to their doors, with a nutritious, healthy recipe included in each one.

The children will then be challenged to ‘Cook at Home’ for the rest of the family. To help them, our team of ‘Special Chefs’ will be recording videos to cook along to, as well as encouraging the young people to share their experiences online.

Abraham’s Kitchen will provide a healthy, hot meal for the whole family, teach school children the basics of cooking and bring Westbury together for a (remote) community meal.

Why is this important?

  • Abraham’s Kitchen was originally started to provide hot meals during the school holidays when families are under extra financial pressures.
  • Child Poverty is 10% higher in Westbury, Wiltshire than the national average. That’s more than 250 children that live below the poverty line and regularly go without hot meals.
  • The current pandemic has only exacerbated this problem, with families ineligible for free school meals and now struggling for work, added to the growing list of vulnerable people within our community that require urgent help.
  • During the lockdown restrictions, Westbury’s schools have done an incredible job at feeding their students with regular hot meals. However, we are now receiving more requests from our partners in social care to help families with their food provisions.

This has been coupled with the problem of food education.

“We have great, healthy ingredients, but don’t know what to do with them to make nutritious meals.”

(Especially ones my kids will actually want to eat!)

That’s why it’s so important to provide a service that includes recipes and youth engagement, as well as providing the food.

Over time our hope is to educate young people about healthy eating with this interactive and fun cook-a-long, and create a lasting effect on community wellbeing that goes way beyond simply providing a box of food.

Watch our recipe for sausage and mushroom tomato pasta

Click Here

Ingredients for sausage and mushroom tomato pasta:

  • Olive oil – tablespoon
  • Mushrooms 300 – 400g
  • Sausages 400-500g
  • Cherry tomatoes 1 1/2 packs
  • Passata 500ml
  • Onion x 2
  • Celery x 3 sticks
  • Penne pasta 500g