Abrahams Kitchen

Abraham’s Kitchen.

How to cook from our kitchen recipes.

Abraham’s Kitchen was delighted to have been selected by the Tesco Community Grants Scheme. Our project was put forward to a customer vote in selected Tesco stores from the first week of January 2022 until 31st March 2022.

Abraham’s Kitchen: Cook at Home project aims to get kids into the kitchen to have fun and learn new skills by cooking a tasty, nutritious meal that the whole family can enjoy. We provide a free monthly bag of wholesome ingredients and a simple to follow recipe which gives families the chance to have fun together experiencing new tastes and flavours.

The project is run by volunteers from the staff at Westbury Town Council and relies totally on raising funds to keep the project going.

Tesco AK WTC Grant Jan-March 2022

Thank you for your support and votes.

We hope to find out the results soon!

Updated 8th April 2022

The following stores took part in the voting:

  • Westbury Express – Leigh Park BA13 3SD
  • Westbury Express – Fore Street BA13 3AY
  • Frome Express – Forest Road BA11 2TU
  • Melksham Express – Bowerhill SN12 6TA
  • Trowbridge Extra – County Way BA14 7AQ
  • Trowbridge Express – Eastbourne Road BA14 7HW
  • Trowbridge Express Brook Road BA14 9DL
  • Trowbridge Express – Frome Road BA14 0DT
  • Warminster Express – Thornhill Road BA12 8EE

Abraham’s Kitchen brings the community together for a free and delicious lunch, offering a relaxed atmosphere to enjoy a meal during the school holidays.  Well, that was before the lockdown restrictions.

Abraham’s Kitchen: Cook at Home project provides 50 families across Westbury with a bag of fresh of ingredients every month, challenging them to cook the healthy recipe tucked into the bag.

This Westbury Town Council staff lead initiative focusses on food education and increasing family time around the table. The project has seen families come together to cook delicious recipes including homemade pizza, risotto and pasta bake as well as challenging the taste buds with chilli and curry dishes.

The Abraham’s Kitchen: Cook at Home bags are free thanks to ongoing funding from Tesco Bags for Life, Wiltshire Community Foundation, Westbury Town Council and Area Board….. Families are referred by schools and other professional organisations to be part of the project, while volunteers from Westbury Town Council, Open Westbury and Westbury Cricket Club pack and deliver the bags on the last Saturday of every month.

“We have great, healthy ingredients, but don’t know what to do with them to make nutritious meals.”

(Especially ones my kids will actually want to eat!)

That’s why it’s so important to provide a service that includes recipes and youth engagement, as well as providing the food.

Over time our hope is to educate young people about healthy eating with this interactive and fun cook-a-long, and create a lasting effect on community wellbeing that goes way beyond simply providing a box of food.