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Laverton Legacy


The work of Abraham and WH Laverton left a lasting mark on Westbury. Many of the Lavertons’ buildings remain today, including The Laverton Institute (built by Abraham and opened in 1873), the swimming baths (built by WH Laverton and opened in 1888), the library (formerly Abraham’s home) and the Angel Mill (now flats).


This is a small section of the stained glass window on the upper floor in The Laverton Institute. The building, which opened in 1873, was given to the town ‘with the object of improving the conditions of life for the said inhabitants’. To this day, it’s still used for many community activities.


Angel Mill 2016.


Workers on a break outside Angel Mill, the first bought by Abraham. Copyright Trowbridge Museum.

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In its early days. The Laverton Institute provided a space for different community events. These booklets now cared for by Swindon and Wiltshire History Centre, show different occasions hosted at The Laverton Institute; a toast list for a dinner with the Agricultural Association 11th Ju-no 1889; a concert poster for Westbury Philharmonic Society from 3rd April 1894; a toast list for a banquet for 16th May 1890.


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