Project Description

Williams Room

The Williams room is a truly multi-purpose space, it adjoins the Main Hall and it has its own bar area for bigger events.

Maximum Occupancy

10 Guests 

Room Dimensions

5.1 x 3.4 metres

Capacity without restrictions: 10 Guests seated

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It can be divided into 3 sections:

Setup Room 1
Smaller space ideal for breakout and small group sessions/meetings

Setup Room 2
A multi-functional meeting room with all required amenities for a private meeting

Setup Room 3

Informal area for when bigger events take place and a when a bar is requested

This small meeting room offers flexibility within a space, it’s a  room that can adapt and flex to fit meeting requirements. It’s a setting in which people can focus, collaborate and take themselves away from high-traffic areas to concentrate on a specific task or conversation.


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More about this venue


  • Adjoining breakout room to the Main Hall

  • Pillar-less, open floor plan

  • Natural light

  • Flexible seating arrangements


  • Wired or wireless high speed internet access

  • Mixed Media Owl Conference Device


    • Registered Charities  £10 per hour (exclusive of VAT)

    • Standard £12 per hour (exclusive of VAT)

      Bookings for one hour or more meetings, support team on-site, professional, relaxed and discreet rooms for small group meetings

    • Corporate / Events  £15 per hour (exclusive of VAT)

      Rooms equipped with video conferencing and presentation equipment, whiteboards and projectors, break out room is included.

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